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Funded by the government of Ontario, Korean Canadian Cultural Association (KCCA) is launching the Healthy Communities Project in partnership with Korean Canadian Athletics Association (KCAA) and YMCA Korean Community (YMCA KC). The project will run from October to December. Targeted towards families and the younger generation, we hope to provide a solid foundation for maintaining healthy lifestyle through engaging workshops and fun classes.

The project has three parts:

(1)  Martial arts: Taekwondo, Haedong Gumdo
(2)  Healthy Eating: Healthy eating lessons, healthy cooking classes
(3)  Injury Prevention Workshops

The martial arts classes will focus on people who are relatively new to Korean martial arts, and they will provide an opportunity to learn the rich history and the excellence of Korean martial arts. Participants will also practice martial arts through hands-on, practical instructions. Information on injury prevention will also be provided as part of martial arts sessions.


Classes & Workshops

All sessions provided are offered free of charge, and meals and beverages will be served

Taekwondo and injury prevention workshop
•  Time: Sat Oct 20, 2012 at 2PM
•  Ages: 6 to 12 (flexible)
•  Location: Multi-purpose room in the KCCA building
•  Instructor: Philip Jang

Haedong Gumdo and Injury Prevention Workshop
•  Time: Sat Nov 3, 2012 at 2PM
•  Ages: 15-20 (flexible)
•  Location: Back auditorium in the KCCA building
•  Instructor: Brian Kim

Healthy Eating Workshop & Cooking Class
•  Time: Nov 17, 24, and Dec 1 @ 11am
•  Location: the KCCA


Korean-Canadian Cultural Association
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